Project Tools – “My Favorite Things”

On today’s #PMChat, we will be taking a light-hearted look at our favorite Project Management tools – from the simple spreadsheet to the SAP-style enterprise system. We’ll look at some important PM functions and discuss our go-to tools.

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Q1. Let’s start with the Grand Poobah of tools – Project Scheduling. What’s your favorite Project Scheduling tool and why? Do you use an enterprise scale solution, something simple, or something in between?

Q2. Project Budgets can be difficult to manage on the fly. What tool do you use to help keep across your numbers? Spreadsheet, ERP (SAP?) or something else?

Q3. Project Risk Management is another function that has a huge range of tools and approaches available – which do you use? Simple spreadsheets or software packages to model impacts and probabilities? How do you integrate this tracking into your Project Plan?

Q4. Project Quality Management means different things to different people – software quality, requirements management, stakeholder expectations. How do you track Quality Management on your projects?

Q5. Project Stakeholder Management is another function that can be really complex, or quite simple. How do you keep across your stakeholders as they change and evolve across your project? CRM, spreadsheet?

Q6. Project Communication can be incredibly difficult to manage – so many people, messages and ways to connect. What tool (or tools) do you use to help your Project Communication Management? How do you keep across the juggling balls?

Q7. Program and Portfolio Management – your project needs to hook into an overarching portfolio or program – what tool (or tools) do you use to align your project? What particular elements of your project does your PPM tool connect?