About Me

Welcome! My name is Tony Adams.

I am a Project Leadership Consultant, Enabler, Change Agent, Flag Waver, Futurist, Speaker, Writer, and Mentor.

Over the last 20+ years, I have been lucky enough to work with brilliant, creative people and companies from around the world, leading complex, innovative change programs that shape the way their users live and work.

My passion is Social Project Leadership – blending traditional project management practices and disciplines with personal communication and technology to help people engage quickly, connect personally, think creatively, collaborate, share ideas and drive real, immediate and powerful benefits.

Social Project Leadership helps teams connect with their clients and build real, engaging relationships – connecting, sharing ideas, engaging, collaborating, challenging each other – driving transformative, enduring outcomes, quicker than ever before.

I love working with creative people – sharing ideas, listening to others share their stories, watching their eyes light up, seeing what excites and motivates them and finding ways to harness that energy.

There’s something very exciting about using the rich, vibrant energy of face-to-face communication to connect people.

People connect with ideas. People love to be engaged, to feel part of something bigger.

Changes are not delivered by schedules and budgets, but by people. Sure, spreadsheets and budgets have their place, BUT the real power comes when we grab our stakeholders and connect with them – engage them, immerse them, make that emotional connection so that they can SEE what we are building and FEEL how their lives will change.

Connecting people. Sharing a vision. Understanding what matters most. Helping people improve the way they live and work.

That’s how Social Project Leadership can change the world!