Project Leadership vs. Management

This post is a short primer for the inaugural APAC #PMChat on 18th July 2017 (10.00PM USA/New York) / 19th July 2017 (12.00PM Australia/Melbourne, cialis 40mg Sydney), page where we will be adding a slightly different twist to the “Project Management vs. Leadership” debate (details and Questions are below)

Creating Value Amongst Chaos and Complexity

Project Managers work in an era of unprecedented pace and complexity.

Global supply chains.
Reduced windows for market positioning.
Political uncertainty.
Agile development and delivery.
Speed to market.
Virtual teams.

Now, as never before, Project delivery needs to balance the competing demands to deliver value through targeted outcomes while taking advantage of new and short lived market opportunities.

Businesses want to get to market quickly and take advantage of short term opportunities for product prominence, yet at the same time invest with confidence grounded in solid planning, structure and outcomes.

Whereas leaders have traditionally focused on thinking strategically and inspiring change while managers have unpicked complexity and delivered value through real outcomes, the boundaries have now shifted.

In many respects, the debate over whether we are project managers or project leaders is over. No longer do we think of ourselves as project managers or leaders but rather, we see the emergence of an emerging, hybrid role.

We have to lead our teams – setting a strategic direction, bringing our teams and stakeholders together around a common vision, inspiring our people to embrace the change and helping our stakeholders grow their business.

At the same time, we need to manage our stakeholders and deliver results.  We need to plan and manage complexity. We need to deliver solutions that matter.  Discipline, structure, rigor and outcomes.

How we blend both roles and respond to these challenges can make a vital difference to the value we bring to our clients and sponsors.

Thinking about Project Management and Leadership as a hybrid role (“two sides of the one coin”), where are the emerging opportunities to add real stakeholder value and how can we respond?

#PMChat Questions

I’ll be co-hosting the inaugural APAC #PMChat where we will be exploring the Project management vs. Leadership debate and thinking about what this means in today’s chaotic and fast moving world.  How can we use Project Management/Leadership to meet the emerging challenges and opportunities to create new value for our clients?

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Here’s a list of the questions that we will discuss.

We’ll start with two contextual questions to kick things off.

Q1. Project Management & Leadership. Do you see these as separate behaviors or as 2 sides of one emerging role? #PMChat

Q2. If we see Project Management & Leadership as a hybrid role, where are the best opportunities to add stakeholder value? #PMChat

Then, three questions to talk about specific challenges and opportunities for contemporary Project Management/Leadership.

Q3. How do you create value & stability in a fluid, uncertain project environment, without being a roadblock? #PMChat

Q4. In a virtual, global environment, how can you nurture strategic relationships with teams & stakeholders whom you may never meet?  #PMChat

Q5. Do you have an example where you’ve needed to balance an urgent need to provide rapid outcomes with maintaining structure & planning? #PMChat

Finally, two questions to bring it all together and summarize where we see this issue now, and in the future.

Q6.  Should the idea of a Project M/L hybrid be reserved for large, complex changes or does it apply equally to smaller initiatives?

Q7. Over the next 5 yrs, where do you see the Project M/L debate? Will it be settled? Will we have new job descriptions? #PMChat

I do hope you can join us  for the APAC #PMChat (18th July 2017 (10.00PM USA/New York)  / 19th July 2017 (12.00PM Australia/Melbourne, Sydney)) and have your say!

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